KT66 Sovtek

KT66 Sovtek


 KT66 Sovtek (1,3A heater filament) is NOT a 6L6 (0.9 heater filament)*

All our power tubes are computer tested and matched at the highest standards.

They are available as a single tube, matched pairs or matched quads. If you order 8 tubes, we will supply you with 2 matched quads, as close as possible to each other.

We offer a 3 months warranty from shipment date.

Audionote.shop will in no way be held responsible (financially or otherwise) for any damage caused by the misuse of tubes sold by us. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to always refer to the equipment manufacturer with regards to proper tube replacement and, if required, biasing adjustment to be correctly set up by a qualified technician only.

Pricing is for one tube, including Platinium Matching for pairs.

This tube is dicontinued : we have only one pair left.

So we only sell these tubes as a pair.

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The KT66 Sovtek is NOT a direct replacement of a 6L6 : it is a reproduction of the original KT66 with a heater filament of 1.3A, unlique all the 6L6 which heater filament is 0.9A. Using a KT66 Genalex in a 6L6 amplifier would over-heat and damage the power transformer and its circuit! It may only be used in a KT66/1.3A designed amplification.

Only the KT66 Tung-Sol has a heater filament of 0.9A and is then a perfectly safe replacement in any 6L6 amp (including a 25W 5881 or 6L6GB) where it will fit with no risk of over-heating and damaging the power transformer.

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