Ornette Coleman on Tenor

Ornette Coleman on Tenor


Ornette Coleman (tenor sax), Don Cherry (trumpet), Jimmy Garrison (bass), Ed Blackwell (drums)

Atlantic 1394

Rhino Records : LP 180 gram

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A1 - Cross Breeding
A2 - Mapa
B1 - Enfant
B2 - Eos
B3 - Ecars

Recorded on March 22 and 27, 1961 at Atlantic Studios in New York City

Ornette on Tenor is the eighth album by Ornette Coleman, his sixth and final one for the label. It features Coleman playing tenor saxophone rather than his usual alto, and bassist Jimmy Garrison before he joined the John Coltrane Quartet. This would be the last record by the Coleman Quartet started in the 1950s; he would disband this group and form the Coleman Trio later in the year.

Coleman's unique early sound was due in part to his use of a plastic saxophone. He had first bought a plastic horn in Los Angeles in 1954 because he was unable to afford a metal saxophone; he claimed that it sounded drier, without the pinging sound of metal. In later years, he played a metal saxophone.