Brahms : Violin Concerto

Brahms : Violin Concerto


David Oistrakh, George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra (1970)

EMI ASD 2525

Testament Records : LP 180 gram

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Johannes Brahms (1833 - 1897) composed the Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77, in 1878 and dedicated it to his friend, the violinist Joseph Joachim. 

David Oistrakh (1908 - 1974) is known to have played at least seven Stradivarius violins. He initially selected the 1702 "Conte di Fontana" Stradivarius, which he played for 10 years before exchanging it for the 1705 "Marsick" Stradivarius in June 1966, which he played until his death. He used bows by Albert N├╝rnberger untill 1957 then Andre Richaume's throughout his life. The Andre Richaume bow gave him such great satisfaction that, when in Paris, he had to meet Richaume in person.

The "golden age" of recordings was from 1955 to 1965, at the beginning of the LP and the stereo era, where pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and illumination.

This Testament Records LP, revived from the EMI-Columbia catalogue, was remastered at EMI's Abbey Road Studios in London, using pure analogue components only, from the original studio tapes through to the cutting head, and was pressed at Pallas.