Thelonious Monk : The London Collection, vol. 1

Thelonious Monk : The London Collection, vol. 1


Thelonious Monk, piano solo

Black Lion 60102

ORGM Records : LP 180 gram

Brand New and Sealed Record

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A1 - Trinkle, Tinkle
A2 - Crepuscule With Nellie
A3 - Darn That Dream
A4 - Little Rootie Tootie
A5 - Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
B1 - Nice Work If You Can Get It
B2 - My Melancholy Baby
B3 - Jackieing
B4 - Loverman
B5 - Blue Sphere

Recorded on November 15, 1971 at Chappell Studios in London (same session as Something in Blue)

What if you could be a fly on the wall at Thelonious Monk’s final recording sessions as leader? You can. Offering tremendous late-period performances, The London Collection Vol. 1 is nothing but Monk, improvisational, unhinged, and unrestrained. Alternating between established originals and familiar classics, the pianist weaves magic spells on the 88s, savoring pauses between notes, the decay of chords, and a fluid style that feels more welcome than some of his angular playing.

Originally released by the UK label Black Lion, an imprint that specialized in resurrecting rare gems from US jazz and blues legends, The London Collection Vol. 1 marks what are indisputably Monk’s final significant contributions and a can’t-miss opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to get closer to the man and his music. Orchestrated by ORG Music, this historical reissue is afforded the ultimate in audiophile production standards, resulting in sonics and presentation befitting the museum-like worth of this record’s existence. Jazz fans, Monk followers, audiophiles, and music fanatics, don’t sleep on this collectable gem!

"...pure unadulterated Monk... The piano sound is absolutely ideal tonally, texturally and especially dynamically. The transient attack is ultra-clean, the sustain generous and the decay falls away naturally. When Monk accentuates a note or series of notes by ramping up the volume, it gets loud! In short, it sounds like a piano. It sounds like Monk has sat down to play a recital just for you! ...The sound here is so transparent, the pressing quality so superb, the vinyl so quiet, if you set the level just so, I think you'll agree with me that the title of this review is not hyperbole: turn out the lights and Monk has been brought back to life to play just for you!"- Michael Fremer, Music 11/10, Sound 11/10 !!!

Mastered from the original master tapes at Bernie Grundman Studios by Chris Bellman and pressed at Pallas, this 180g LP was curated by legendary engineer Steve Hoffman and eq’d by Grundman himself. A better team you cannot find; every step involved serious quality-control measures to guarantee gorgeous sound. The superb vinyl jacket features exclusive artwork. Indeed, this is what being a collector is all about. The title may not be widely known to most, but this reissue preserves vital music that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Consider it a buried treasure that, miraculously, has resurfaced in better condition than that when it was originally made.