Respighi : Pines and Fountains of Rome

Respighi : Pines and Fountains of Rome


Respighi : Pines of Rome, Fountains of Rome

Fritz Reiner, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

RCA "Living Stereo" LSC 2436

Analogue Productions - Quality Records : LP 200 gram

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Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936)
A1 - Pines of the Villa Borghese
A2 - Pines Near a Catacomb
A3 - Pines of the Janiculum
A4 - Pines of the Appian Way
B1 - Fountain of Valle Giulia at dawn
B2 - Triton Fountain at morn
B3 - Fountain of Trevi at mid-day
B4 - Villa Medici Fountain at sunset

Fountains of Rome (1917), Pines of Rome (1924) and Roman Festivals (1928) are Respighi's trilogy of tone poems depicting the city of Rome. It is the Italian composer's tribute to his country's capital, some contemporary and some recalling the glory of the Roman Empire. While in Fountains of Rome the composer sought to reproduce by means of tone an impression of nature, in Pines of Rome he uses nature as a point of departure to recall memories and visions.