Rameau : Une Symphonie Imaginaire

Rameau : Une Symphonie Imaginaire


Marc Minkowski, Les Musiciens du Louvre (2003)

Archiv Produktion 776320

Clearaudio Records : LP 180 gram

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Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) :
Une Symphonie Imaginaire
A1 - "Zais", Pastorale heroique - Ouverture
A2 - "Castor et Pollux", Tragedie en musique - Scene funebre (Act II, scene 2)
A3 - "Les Fetes d'Hebe", Opera-ballet - Air tendre (Deuzieme Entree: La Musique, scene 5)
A4 - "Dardanus", Tragedie en musique - Tambourins I & II (Prologue)
A5 - "Le Temple de la Gloire", Opera-ballet - Air tendre pour les Muses (Acte I)
A6 - "Les Boreades", Tragedie en musique - Contredanse (Acte I, scene 4)
A7 - "La Naissance d'Osiris", Acte de ballet - Air gracieux
A8 - "Les Boreades" - Gavottes I & II (Acte IV, scene 4)
A9 - "Platee", Ballet bouffon - Orage (Acte I, scene 6)
A10 - "Les Boreades" - Prelude (Acte V, scene 11)
B1 - Concert No. 6 from "Six Concerts en sextuor" - La Poule (The Hen)
B2 - "Les Fetes d'Hebe" - Musette - Tambourin
B3 - "Hippolyte & Aricie", Tragedie en musique - Ritournelle (Acte III)
B4 - "Nais", Pastorale heroique - Rigaudons I & II
B5 - "Les Indes galantes" - Danse des Sauvages
B6 - "Les Boreades" - Entree de Polymnie (Acte IV, scene 4)
B7 - "Les Indes Galantes" - Chaconne

Selecting from Rameau's fascinating orchestral and ballet music, Marc Minkowski creates an imaginary symphony with irresistible dance rhythms, ingenious harmonies and innovative orchestration.
Les Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble supports the renewal of Baroque music in France and more generally the use of period instruments and period style. The projet des Musiciens du Louvre-Grenoble proposes a progressive and lyrical re-evaluation, from baroque music to modern music, and programming certain works which have been neglected for unjustifiable or obscure reasons. This project makes the ensemble one of the most evolved, inventive and original music groups in the world.

Recorded in 2003, live at the Theatre de Poissy, Salle Moliere.