Milhaud : Le bœuf sur le toit - La création du monde

Milhaud : Le bœuf sur le toit - La création du monde


Darius Milhaud et l'Orchestre du Théâtre des Champs Elysées

Charlin 17

Disques André Charlin : LP 180 gram

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Le Bœuf sur le toit, Op. 58 (English title, The Ox on the Roof), premiered in 1920, is a surrealistic ballet made on a score composed by Darius Milhaud (1892 - 1974), which was strongly influenced by Brazilian popular music. The title is that of an old Brazilian tango, one of close to 30 Brazilian tunes (choros) quoted in the composition. The piece was originally to have been the score of a silent Charlie Chaplin film (Cinéma-fantaisie for violin and piano).

This Disque Charlin LP is a New Old Stock record of the early 1980's. André Charlin (1903 - 1983) was a French audio engineer and entrepreneur. He was a prolific inventor and filed many patents for radio amplifiers, movie sound recording equipment and music recording, he founded and operated companies to make his own equipment and to make the recordings. In 1949 André Charlin recorded and produced the first European microgroove vinyl record.