John Jenkins & Kenny Burrell

John Jenkins & Kenny Burrell


John Jenkins (alto sax), Kenny Burrell (guitar), Sonny Clark (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Dannie Richmond (drums)

Blue Note 1573

Music Matters Records : 2 LPs 180 gram (45rpm)

Limited Edition : 2,500 printings

Brand New and Sealed Record

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1 - From This Moment On
2 - Motif
3 - Everything I Have Is Yours
4 - Sharon
5 - Chalumeau
6 - Blues For Two

Recorded on August 11, 1957 at Rudy Van Gelder Studio in Hackensack, New Jersey.

The magical combination that is heard on this rare album from 1957 only happened once. John Jenkins, a mystery figure in jazz history, was a superb altoist inspired by Charlie Parker, Jackie McLean and Phil Woods. He emerged from Chicago in 1957, made a strong impression during the next few years and then largely disappeared, only re-emerging a few times before his 1993 death. 

His greatest recording was the date that he co-led with Kenny Burrell. Joined by an all-star rhythm section featuring pianist Sonny Clark, Jenkins and Burrell created a very cool, melodic and accessible Blue Note album, a real treasure full of timeless music. The blend between the instruments, the emotional playing and the brilliance of the musicians make this a must-have.

The "golden age" of recordings was from 1955 to 1965, at the beginning of the LP and the stereo era, where pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and illumination.

Like all Music Matters Jazz releases, this audiophile vinyl reissue is remastered from the original analogue Van Gelder studio tapes and pressed on 180g virgin vinyl at RTI. The highest quality gatefold cover features original session photography on the inside.

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