Herbie Hancock : Man-Child

Herbie Hancock : Man-Child


Herbie Hancock (keyboards), Wayne Shorter (soprano sax), Bennie Maupin (tenor and soprano sax, clarinet, flute), Ernie Watts, Jim Horn (flute and saxophone), Jay DaVersa, Bud Brisbois (trumpet), Dick “Slide” Hyde, Garnett Brown (trombone), Stevie Wonder (harmonica), Dewayne McKnight, David T. Walker, Wah Wah Watson (electric guitar), Henry E. Davis, Paul Jackson, Louis Johnson (electric bass), Harvey Mason, James Gadson, Mike Clark (drums), Bill Summers (percussion)

Recorded in 1975

Columbia 33812

Speakers Corner Records :  LP 180 gram

Brand New and Sealed Record

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A1 - Hang Up Your Hang Ups
A2 - Sun Touch
A3 - The Traitor
B1 - Bubbles
B2 - Steppin' In It
B3 - Heartbeat

Recorded July 1975 at Wally Heider Recording Studios, San Francisco / Village Recorders, Los Angeles / Funky Features, San Francisco / Crystal Studios, Los Angeles - Production: David Rubinson & Friends Inc. and Herbie Hancock.

Man-Child is the fifteenth studio album by Herbie Hancock, released by Columbia Records. 

After his early avant-garde years with Blue Note Records, Herbie Hancock achieved much success with pop music fans by gradually turning towards a mixture of Afro-American styles in which he combined soul, jazz and funk. Having composed the soundtrack to Bill Cosby’s animated children’s show "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" and released a popular family-orientated album entitled "Fat Albert Rotunda", Hancock stated that instead of looking for jazz musicians who could play funky music, he had searched for funk musicians with a feeling for jazz. That this concept functions only too well is demonstrated in the funky album "Man-Child", which features such brilliant jazz musicians as Wayne Shorter, Bennie Maupin and Ernie Watts. But wait! There’s no narcissistic showing off here as in a jam session. The whole band performs as one, playing concentrated grooves around Hancock’s carefully intertwined electronic sounds. The result is a fast-paced funky style, due to the collective efforts of the band, although each member is given ample opportunity to show off his prowess in short solo interludes and thus delight the listener with his unique style.

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. More information under http://www.pure-analogue.com. All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid.