Kenny Dorham : Whistle Stop

Kenny Dorham : Whistle Stop


Kenny Dorham (trumpet), Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Kenny Drew (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Philly Joe Jones (drums)

Blue Note 4063

Analogue Productions Records : 2 LPs 180 gram (45rpm)

Limited Edition : 2,500 printings

Brand New and Sealed Record

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1 - Philly Twist
2 - Buffalo
3 - Sunset
4 - Whistle Stop
5 - Sunrise in Mexico
6 - Windmill
7 - Dorham's Epitaph

Recorded on January 15, 1961, at Rudy Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

"Philly Twist" is dedicated to Philly Joe Jones. Kenny added "There is also the play on words with filly, a young horse." "Buffalo" tries to portrait a buffalo in action, whilst "Sunset" tries to represent the feeling of an imaginary sunset. "Whistle Stop" is an attempt to depict a train in motion. About "Sunrise in Mexico", Dorham says : "The skies down there", in Mexico, "are low and everything looks different". "Windmill" talks about an old girlfriend of all of us, who can live by the windmill. Dorham explains that "a windmill, a weathered, gray-wood affair, is represented in the last four bars of the track". "Dorham's Epitaph" was intended by Dorham to be a sort of musical epitaph, an "identifying song".

The "golden age" of recordings was from 1955 to 1965, at the beginning of the LP and the stereo era, where pure vacuum tube amplification helped produce recordings demonstrating unparalleled fidelity and warmth, lifelike presence and illumination.

This Analogue Productions LP was remastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray at AcousTech, using pure analogue components only, from the original analogue studio tapes through to the cutting head and was pressed on virgin vinyl at RTI.

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